BNI storms A-Plus’ home at dawn

Information reaching Ghpage reveals that officials of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) stormed the home of hiplife artist and advocate of the New Patriotic Party(NPP), Aplus originally known as Kwame Asare Obeng on two occasions.

According to sources, a Policeman in the company of three BNI agents went to Aplus’ house disguised as visitors looking for another block and demanded to see the musician.


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They left after they were told Aplus was not available and that he had travelled. They later returned at dawn demanding to see him again.

“I was in town when my brother-in-law called to tell me that three guys in mufti and a police officer came to look for me. When they got to the main security gate at the estate they claimed they were going to C1. At our estate, you have to call the person before you enter but for some reason, they were allowed in. According to the security, they noticed they had gone pass C1 so they followed them”, he noted.

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Aplus further stated that he called the National Security Minister to find out if anyone was looking for him which he revealed to Aplus that he wasn’t aware of anything of that sort. He later advised Aplus to tighten up his security since those men may be bad boys.

According to the musician, he jetted off to London where he was later informed that these unidentified men came back to his apartment claiming it was the orders of the director of BNI to invite him over for a friendly chat.

“They said they were sent by the BNI Director to come and invite me for a friendly chat. This time they left their number. So I called the number and asked why he is looking for me and he said his boss wants to have a chat with me. I asked why he can’t call me but have to come to my house twice and dawn but he said he could not find my number”, he added.

Aplus was recently on the neck of the Director-General of Ghana Maritime Authority, Mr Kwame Owusu for causing financial loss to the state.

He revealed on his Facebook post that he is yet to rip apart Mr Owusu and also dared him to report him to the authorities if he ever blackmailed him.

“He should report me to the police that I tried to blackmail him. I have not even started yet with the documents I have about him. We are all engaging in catch catch. You catch me, I catch you”, he stated.

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