Fitness Model Shares Pic Of Her Stomach After A Holiday To Show ‘Real Life’


She may have what we perceive to be the ‘perfect’ body, but fitness model Emily Skye proves on Instagram, she’s as real as anybody else. 

The 32-year-old is no stranger to posting pictures of perfection online in regards to her immaculately sculpted body, but after a month’s holiday, she shows us she is actually human after all.

Emily posted a pic on Instagram of herself in a bikini, but instead of striking a classic pose, she captured herself sitting down, rolls and all.

She commented:

Sometimes I look like the pic on the left, sometimes times I look like the pic on the right – I don’t always have abs or look lean and I’m never ‘perfect.’

So many people are aiming for this idea of ‘perfection’… but what exactly is perfection?
I used to beat myself up for not being perfect (whatever that is). I’d actually feel like my “worth” was less if I didn’t look a certain way.

It’s certainly refreshing to see a fitness model post like this, shattering the perception they have incredible bodies 24/7 and are completely untouchable.

It’s actually a really positive and uplifting message to send out to people, saying its OK to let your hair down and enjoy yourself.

Life is more important than that and who wants to be sweating it out in the gym every day of their lives?

She continued to explain how her goal was once to have ‘no rolls’ when sitting down, which frankly sounds impossible.

She wrote:

Now I see how ridiculous and superficial I was being. Yes there’s no denying, I like to look good, as most people do but it’s not healthy when it becomes an obsession and your “self worth” is attached to your appearance.

I’ve just returned from being overseas for a month. I ate what I wanted and enjoyed it, I also gained a bit of extra body fat which isn’t a big deal because my lifestyle nowadays isn’t about restricting myself & I like it that way.

Life isn’t perfect and neither are we. I love myself no matter how I look and it’s this self love that motivates me to make changes in my life so I can feel my best… like exercising and eating nutritious food (& treats for mental health hehe).

The Australian fitness guru has been known to share photos of herself from different angles, showing actually sometimes the ‘perfect’ image is a trick of the light or position of the body.

She added:

A lot of what we see in these images is not “healthy” or “realistic” and comparing ourselves will never do us any good.

Focus on your health – mental and physical and focus on being YOUR best.

There is nothing wrong with pounding it hard at the gym, but it’s equally as important to relax and enjoy your life at least once in a while.

Emily may well be a fitness icon, but it’s brilliant she’s sending out a powerful message that actually, no-one is perfect, even if you think they are.

Now go eat that cake


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