WATCH Part 2 of Aisha, the St.Louis SHS girl’s Atopa video pops up


Another seks tape of the embattled former student of St. Louis SHS, Aisha has popped up online and it has made even most people who defended her when the first video came out regretted their actions.

In the video which many believed was recorded after she had her great time with the 3 guys in the bedroom, Aisha was in the bathroom with one of the guys perceived to be the real boyfriend doing their own thing.

And just like the other one, it was obvious Aisha knew the video was recording because she occasionally looks directly into the camera.

Although she came out to say she never knew such a video existed, a friend of the guys came out to reveal she knew and she was actually being blackmailed with for the past one year.

Her mother has also stated she has lodged a complaint to the police against the 3 guys.

Well, In this second video, both of them were nakked and they were caressing right under the tap.