Pharmaceutical Society Of Ghana Donates To Koforidua Prisons Service


The Eastern Regional Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana has donates sought of items and relief drugs worth GH Cedis 3,000 such as Liquid soap, Antibiotics, bags of Rice, Milk, Toiletries, Antiseptics, blood tonics and relief Pain drugs among others to Koforidua Prisons Service.

The Deputy Director of Koforidua Prisons Mr. Joseph Attabiri who on behalf of the Prison Service receives the items, thanks the Regional Pharmaceutical Society Chairman Pharm Sellas Agyekum and members for the kindness shown to the Prisoners and pledge to make good useful of the products purposely to cure the diseases affecting the Prisoners.

Mr. Attabiri said there are congestion in each room, whereby the maximum should have been 250 in each room, but the Prisoners are more than the number expected, which has let spreading of skin rashes and other diseases around.

He further asked the Pharmaceutical society and other entity’s to comes to their aid.

The Regional President of GHOSPA Pharm Sellas Agyekum during the presentation said as part of the World Pharmaceuticals Celebration, the Pharmacists came to survey and observes that the spreading of malaria, anemia, skin rashes and body pains has been the major challenges confronting the prisoners which has let most of the Prisoners to be unhealthy, that has let the Pharmaceutical Members in the region to donates such relief items in order to help the Officers to cure such diseases affecting the Prisoners.

According to him, most of the prisoners don’t eat healthy food which let most of them to fall sick and lacks blood, while some work harder which weak their body, so the blood tonic and the pain killers will help cure and help them to get better.

He stated that their outfit came to assist the inmates to cure all skin rashes affecting the Prisoners, so that when they go home will be able to live healthy, added that, by not taking any sickness home as he stated and will continue to collaborate with the Officers to get better healthy life through nutritional foods and education for the Prisoners.




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